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Make money Blogging

You've discovered the fundamentals of blogging, and you started yourself a company blog. You include the periodic post (when you have time) and sometimes you stay with a timetable (until the next company dilemma removes uploading from your mind.) Then you noticed that there really isn't a great deal of traffic to your blog.

You convince yourself it does not matter: You simply need it there to refer prospective and existing clients to an actual "site". One where they can see the basic essentials for your company.

If this seems like you, be warned you're losing out on big possibility for making your blog improve your returns - you could be missing out on more business than you can believe!

Your method seems even more like "business slogging" than "blogging", wouldn't you say? If you're not motivated about your personal blog, you may be assured of one truth: Your clients will definitely be even less motivated than you.They will have an attitude of "take it or leave it!"

Take a second now to ponder and answer these 4 important questions.

(No need to worry, if you cannot come up clear responses: By the time you finish reading this entire report, you will easily be able to answer these questions. I ensure that if you put into placed my suggestions, you'll be a lot more clear about your business blog's purpose and also just how it's going to make money for you.)

1. Exactly what do you prefer your blog to do for you and also your business?
2. Are you benefiting from your blog's principal distinction over that of a traditional static based site, i.e. its database ability?
3. Is your blog effectively optimized for search engines?
4. In what do you plan to promote your business, with an service, product or you, yourself?

We're going to work on enhancing your concentration, while figuring out what improvements your blog needs. First, a "refresher" ...

Your Readers

The reason for creating and maintaining your blog first and foremost is for your readers. And who should be your readers?  They should come from your target market – the people best suited to become followers and buyers!

Prior to uploading any article, ask these 3 questions:

"What benefit will my readers receive from this post?"
"Why should anyone view my blog and not my competitors'?
"What "WOW!" element or distinction does my blog have to offer?"

Remember you want your followers to ...

1 Know precisely who you are as well as feel that you rise above over others in your area
2 Enjoy or receive value in your posts that makes them want to subscribe to your RSS feeds or newsletter
3 Feel that you are a needed, practical as well as fulfilling part of their life
4 Be excited to spread the word to their friends about your excellent web site
5 Turn into a faithful buyer or client

This is the first step to producing a lucrative blog. You cannot have a blog that makes cash unless it addresses a need or concern as well as brings in consistent amounts of traffic.

If you only have an internet site that the sole purpose is to hand out your contact info and an impersonal, non-specific blurb or motto such as: "For all your business requirements", along with the same, never-changing handful of blog posts that bored you to no end while you were writing them ... just what motivation are you providing for them to keep you in mind or ever return to your site?


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