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Learn Innovative Strategies and Tips To Better Use AI

A.I. has been used in marketing to make things easier, but not everyone has had the same experience. Some have found it helpful, while others have faced difficulties.

Aki Ito, who writes for Business Insider, explains that A.I. tools can be like a “secret weapon” for businesses trying to stay ahead of the competition. However, many companies need clear guidelines on how to use A.I. tools like ChatGPT and Bing Chat, which can lead to unfair advantages for some businesses and hurt the ability of others to make money and compete.

I have some good news to share with you! As a marketer, you have a unique opportunity to make a positive impact by learning from your peers who have successfully used new tools to improve their work. Recently, as the head of marketing for All-Star Promotions, a company that focuses on advanced technology, I have been experimenting with a tool called ChatGPT. In this post, I will share what has been working for me over the last few months.

SEO-related tasks:

Here are some ways ChatGPT-4 can help you improve your website’s performance and visibility on search engines:

  •  It can help you organize your website’s information in a way that’s easy for search engines to understand, using structured data schema like Breadcrumbs and article summaries.
  •  It can suggest keywords for your paid ads and convert them into a simple CSV file so you can copy and paste them into your ad campaigns.
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  •  It can also help you make your content more readable and accessible to a broader audience by simplifying complex technical terms and improving your text’s overall flow and structure.
  •  The plugin can provide you with detailed descriptions for your videos, which you can use to improve your video SEO and rank higher in search results.
  •  The AI PDF plugin can summarize your PDF documents and help you promote them online more effectively.
  •  WebPilot ChatGPT-4 plugin can provide alt tags for your infographics, which can help them rank better on search engines.
  •  Pixellow ChatGPT-4 plugin can analyze your images and provide detailed captions and descriptions, making your visual content more engaging and informative.
  •  Finally, it can help you identify new SEO keyword opportunities and content ideas by analyzing your top-ranking keywords and suggesting new ones with low competition and low costs for paid ad campaigns.

Paid Advertising:

  1. One way to enhance the performance of your ad copy is through A/B testing. A/B testing involves creating two different versions of your ads and comparing their effectiveness. By testing different call-outs and site links, you can identify the elements that best resonate with your target audience, assisting you in optimizing your ads accordingly.
  2. Another way to improve your ad copy is to leverage buyer persona insights. By understanding your ideal customer’s particular characteristics and needs, you can craft your messaging to better appeal to them. You can achieve this using language and imagery that speaks to their pain points, preferences, and aspirations.
  3. You can use the A+ Ads ChatGPT-4 plugin to create or refine your display ads. This tool makes creating visually compelling ads easy with just one single link. It also comes equipped with a variety of customization options like colors, fonts, and layouts to make your ads stand out.
  4. Finally, when conducting A/B testing, it’s essential to consider alternative headline ideas. By copying and pasting different variations of your headlines, you can quickly compare their performance and identify the variation that delivers the most clicks and conversions.

Social Media and Content Promotion:

  1. Improving the reach and engagement of your online content is a significant concern for your social media campaigns. You should draft and schedule social media posts that promote your blog and video content. This will encourage your followers to take the desired action and engage with your content more frequently. “Additionally, drafting newsletters highlighting the content and topics you want to ensure get mentioned is also a great way to increase visibility.” engagement.
  2. If you want to generate new leads, offering webinars and lunch-and-learn sessions can be a highly effective strategy. Research and suggest topics that are relevant and interesting to your target audience. Consider creating lead magnet offers, such as free resources or tools, to entice potential customers to engage with your content.
  3. You can synthesize anonymized customer data from Excel sheets to identify new business opportunities for B2Bs. This will help you identify trends, common titles, and industries based on companies. By analyzing this data, you can discover new prospective customers and tailor your marketing efforts to suit their needs better.

Content Creation and Optimization:

The following are some helpful tips for content creators looking to improve the quality and visibility of their work. 

  1. Firstly, coming up with engaging and clickable titles is crucial to catching the attention of potential readers. 
  2. Using ChatGPT-4 to copy-edit content before publishing can also help ensure a polished final product. 
  3. Add Alt text descriptions to infographics using ChatGPT-4 to improve search term rankings. 
  4. Revising existing content for submission to editorial platforms is another effective way to gain exposure and backlinks while maintaining originality. 

Moreover, creating new written content for your day-to-day work with A.I. can prove to be a valuable source of inspiration, as can drafting new blog articles to embed existing videos in, which can enhance their ranking.

Persona Development and Market Research:

Your website’s product pages, blogs, and other web pages can be enhanced by including a FAQ section at the bottom of each page. This section should address common questions and concerns that potential customers may have.

In addition, embedding HTML5 structured data in your content can help search engines to better understand your pages and improve your SEO value. Using HTML5 can lead to higher rankings in the search engine return page (SERPs) and more traffic to your website.

To better understand your target audience, it’s important to research new market segments, audiences, and buyer personas. This can be done by identifying their title and industry, then drilling down to their objectives, influences, places they congregate, emotional triggers, and other essential factors.

By understanding your buyer personas’ job title, industry, and the product or service you’re selling, you can create lead magnet offers tailored to their specific needs and interests. This can help you attract more leads and ultimately convert them into paying customers.

Video and Presentation Preparation:

The info below provides a comprehensive guide to optimizing video search visibility. One of the most effective strategies is to provide detailed video descriptions when uploading your videos. Your descriptions should include relevant keywords and phrases that clearly describe the content of your video. Additionally, incorporating video schema markup in your description can aid search engines to better understand the content of your video and display it more prominently in search results.

Another strategy to consider is providing video descriptions for popular video players like YouTube and Vimeo. These descriptions should also be detailed and include relevant keywords and phrases that clearly describe your video content. This can increase the visibility of your videos and make them more discoverable by potential viewers.

When it comes to preparing for business presentations involving videos, it’s important to anticipate potential questions that executives or professionals in your industry may pose. To do this, you can create a list of questions that a specific title at a particular company may want to know from presenters in your industry. This will help you prepare for your presentation and ensure you are well-equipped to address any concerns or questions.

Repurposing existing website content is an excellent strategy for quick and efficient video content creation. By transforming your blog content into a promotional video script, you can create high-quality video content in a fraction of the time it would take to create content from scratch. A repurposing strategy can be especially helpful if you need to produce video content regularly.


Digital marketing is changing rapidly, and A.I. tools are playing a big role in this change. These tools are helping marketers in various ways, such as improving their content and optimizing their websites for search engines. By using A.I., marketers can do things that were not possible before, which can help them stand out from the competition. It’s vital for marketers to keep learning and sharing their experiences with AI-driven strategies to make sure they are keeping up with the latest trends in marketing. As A.I. continues to change the marketing world, it’s essential for marketers to stay updated and use it to their advantage.

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